2019 Men’s Hairstyles

In 2019, men’s hair styles often appear with natural and shabby looks. Usually used in medium length hair models have a masked air. If you want to make a cool change in your hair, we suggest you look at the men’s haircuts we’ve chosen for you. Choose one of the models below and take the path of your nearest hairdresser. New hairstyles shape men’s fashion.

After seeing these hairstyles, we are sure to thank you very much.

2019 mens hairstyles
Curly and wavy hair style

Asymmetric Haircut

2019 hair trends are one side short, the other side is long hairstyles are very popular by men. If you have straight or wavy hair you can cut your hair in this model. Separate your hair from the side you want and cut the rest of your hair. You can use your long hair by fixing it with hair spray.

Medium Haircut

If you have lush and medium-length hair in 2019, you will attract a lot of attention. This hair style is one of the most preferred hair styles is very easy to use. When you do research as a male hairstyle, you will see this model. After getting out of the shower, take the moisture of your hair with a towel and take your hair off the side. Finally, you can prevent your hair from swelling using hair spray.

Front parts long hairstyle

If you don’t want to extend your hair, you can only extend your hair in the front. So you will get a very cool hair style. We usually recommend this hair style to those who have straight hair. Cut the hair in the direction you want and fix it. If you like the messy hair style, you can mix your hair with your fingers and fix it that way.

Sharp striped hairstyle


You can look very cool by shaving both sides of your hair, leaving only the middle long. Once you have tried this model, you won’t be able to give it up easily!

Tangled Hair Style

If you only have a haircut with a long front and your hair is wavy, this hairstyle is for you! After applying a small amount of cream to the forehead of your hair, spread your hair with your fingers. Then wrap the hair on the front side of a round blow dryer and blow it out. Finally, disperse the resulting wave. That’s it!

Knob style

One of the most important men’s hair trends of the year, asında man bun az is very popular among men with long hair, if you say a I must try this trend uz, you should remember that your hair should be at least ear level. Even if your hair is already long, pick your hair slightly above the neck and make a twist and fix it with a rubber clip. It’s that easy!

Scattered waves

Apply the styling gel to the hair and shape it backwards. Then tufts the front part of her hair around her finger and let her get into frizz shape. And finally, hand out all your hair.

Long and straight hair

Remember the Sawyer of the Lost series? Josh Holloway, who portrays Sawyer, is one of the celebrities who uses his long hair flat. If you want to use the long hair in the flat style, you can apply a care cream or styling cream to your hair and comb it with a hair brush and dry your hair and get a straight look.

Medium long, wavy hair

If your hair is medium long, you can choose a wavy style. Separate the hair from the side and blow it back with the round blow dryer and after finishing the blowing process, apply the styler with your hands.

Reverse style

Famous singer Justin Timberlake prefers a backwards hair style in her undercuts. After applying the gel to your hair, you can use a wide tooth comb to apply styling cream if the hair is electrified.

Undercut style

Simply shape the top of your hair to shape a hair in the undercut haircut where the sides of the hair are short and the top is long. Apply jelly to the top of your hair and shape it backwards with your fingers. That’s it!

Separated hairstyle on hand

If you’re looking for a little formal hairstyle, you can choose a hairstyle on the hand. After applying jelly or styling cream to the hair, create a deep separation. Then comb your hair and you’re ready. Do you know which beard model suits this hairstyle?

Which one of these male hair trends did you like most?

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